The booking platform that works with you

Time to Momo offers a fair alternative to the current large booking platforms. Fair fees, more freedom for you, and a collaborative approach will help your hotel flourish rather than be taken advantage of.

This is why we created Time to Momo.

Here’s the deal

Our payment & refund solution

Travellers pay upfront, at the moment of reservation. The payment goes directly into your hotel’s personal account at our Payment Service Provider (PSP), minus the platform fee for Moonback and the PSP fees.

The payment stays in your personal account until the cancellation period has passed, so any refunds can be made without a hassle. Once cancellation is no longer possible, the payment is automatically transferred to your bank account.

To give you the benefits described above, we work with Stripe as our PSP. Their globally proven platform offers all major payment methods and can collect all payments. The Stripe transaction fee of 2% of the payment amount is an all-in fee that covers all the related transactions.

We are here to support you

Our support team is always eager to help. Please email us at any time at